How To Catch Way
More Bass 
More Bass
Without Being Held Hostage By The Secrecy OF Local Anglers

Created By JB Spilker, Professional Bass Fishing Guide & Product Designer

  • Quickly Know What Lure To Use - No Matter What You Hear Or See Others Telling You
  • Gives You The Keys To Know Exactly Where The Bass Are So You Can Catch The Snot Out Of 'Em
  • Uncover The Secrecy Of Anglers Who Won't Be Straight With You About What To Use For Big Bass
  • ​Catch Bass On Your Own Terms & Uncover Your Creative Genius To Become Your Own Bass Pro
  • STOP Worrying About If The Fish Are Biting Because You Will Be Able To Catch Them Anytime You Want
Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The
Kraken Bass Hacks Bundle
Bait Selection Mastery eBook  ($30 Value)
  • This eBook training holds the secret for you to know exactly what bait to use in every situation to catch big bass
  • Eliminate wasting time trying things that won't work, instead immediately catch bass when you arrive at the lake
  • ​Start catching all the bass in the lake by adapting quickly while others struggle and blame the fish for not biting
Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet
($25 Value)
  • This pre-done professionally designed chart makes it simple for you to know what bait to use with just a quick scan of your eye
  • Provides ideas for when you are struggling to catch bass
  • Feel confident that your baits will catch big bass and know exactly when to deploy techniques to slay 'em
Color Selection Mastery eBook
($20 Value)
  • This eBook makes it simple for you to know what color to use to catch bass on the first cast no matter the lure
  • Provides insights for when bass will eat certain colors to know when to switch color to keep catching bass
  • Gain confidence your baits are always the right color, so you can catch the big ones at any lake
Lure Color Selection Secrets Cheat Sheat
($20 Value)
  • This quick glance chart makes it simple for you to know precisely what color will catch bass without time consuming guesswork
  • Provides color change ideas for when you are struggling to catch bass
  • Empower yourself with the best bait colors so you won't waste money on the poor colored lures
Uncover Secret Bass LAirs Ebook
($20 Value)
  • This eBook simplifies locating bass so you don't waste hours fishing places that don't hold bass
  • Provides you a framework for structure and contours at your lake to find bass immediately ready to catch
  • Start with confidence you are fishing the right spot, dialing in your presentation to catch more big bass
Don't Take MY Word For It
"I’ve been a fly fisherman for years and really haven’t fished for bass since I was in high school in the 90’s, but wanted to get back into it. Thank you so much for spending the time putting this together. It was worth every penny."


"I went fishing for a couple hours last night and didn't catch anything. I was super disappointed. But I thought through the process, tried to apply the things I learned, tweaked my technique a little and went out this morning and was able to sweet talk these lovely ladies into my kayak."


"I don't get too much time in my schedule, but I am really stoked to use my new found tools. I picked up a lot of pointers and some really good advice. Thank you. "


Here's Everything You Get Today
  • Bait Selection Mastery eBook ($30 Value)
  • ​Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet ($25 Value)
  • ​Color Selection Mastery eBook ($20 Value)
  • ​Lure Color Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet ($20 Value)
  • ​Uncover Secret Bass Lairs eBook ($25 Value)
Total Value: $120
But today, you're getting all of this for...

($120) ONLY $17.97!!!

Frequently Asked Questions
 How Do I Access The Material #1
After you complete your purchase you will be given access to a special members' area. In here is where you can download all these materials for free to print out and take with you for your next bass fishing trip.
 What's The Catch #2
No catch (Except Bass). You will be getting all my best info products at a huge discount compared to what you typically can only find in my full fledged online course - offered at $100. 
 What If I Lose The Content #3
Reach out to us anytime, and we will re-send you everything at no charge. Lifetime access to these materials to help you keep catching more big bass. 
 Why Should I Trust You , JB? #4
I know exactly what it is like trying to find reliable information online, and have come up incredibly disappointed. I've taken my years as a professional bass fishing guide and skipped all the fluff to give you the things I know would have helped me immensely when I was starting heavy into bass fishing. 
 What If I Don't Like The Content  #5
Full 30 day refund. No questions asked. Just reach out to me, and let me know what you didn't like. 

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